helping people pursue peace

Sound Conciliation provides education, training, coaching, and mediation services to couples, families, churches, and organizations.

What is Christian Conciliation?

For some strange reason, the word “conciliation” is foreign to most people. More often than not, people are more familiar with the closely related word, “reconciliation,” which is an important part of a conciliation process. But conciliation simply refers to the process of two or more people resolving conflict with the help of a trusted third party.

Christian conciliation utilizes several related disciplines, including alternative dispute resolution, biblical counseling, education, and consulting, to help couples, families, churches, and organizations resolve conflict biblically in light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Christian conciliation was originally developed by the Christian Legal Society in the eighties before launching as Peacemaker Ministries in the nineties. Today, more and more people all over the world are responding to the call to become equipped as peacemakers committed to helping others pursue peace with others, themselves, and God. 


After graduating from college, getting married, and going on our honeymoon, my wife and I loaded up a U-Haul and drove from the suburbs of Chicago, where we met in high school (I have the prom picture to prove it), to Seattle where we’ve lived for the past fifteen years. I spent the first four years in Seattle as a high school English teacher before pursuing a job opportunity at our church. After over ten years in vocational ministry, I recently completed my Master of Arts in Counseling through Westminster Theological Seminary and became a Certified Christian Conciliator through the Institute for Christian Conciliation. I continue to enjoy educating and training people, but there’s nothing I enjoy more than helping people heal, grow, and pursue peace.