Crystal Munson

Crystal Munson has worked as an associate conciliator with Sound Conciliation since 2019, after being trained in Peacemaking Principles and Conflict Coaching through Creative Conciliation. Crystal has also completed the Narrative Focused Trauma Care certificate program through The Allender Center. Her degree from the University of Washington is in Integrated Social Sciences, where she learned about everything from international health, to race relations, to Chinese migration, to lifespan psychology. The program deepened her knowledge of human development and the ways communities function, or fail to function. Combined with her firsthand experiences in family, church, business and personal conflict, her training has deepened her conviction that every person has a story worth knowing, and deserves compassion and acceptance in their pursuit of peace in their relationships.

JANE Greisen

Jane has been working with Cliff Ellis in various teachings, trainings, and conciliations for the last eight years. Jane received her Master of Arts degree in Counseling from Westminster Theological Seminary in May of 2018. Jane also attended a Peacemakers training in 2013. Jane has spent many years serving in her local church in a variety of counseling related activities and has been enriched by her time supervising group counseling, training lay counselors, and meeting one-on-one with women in all stages of life. Jane and her husband, Marc, live in Seattle where they enjoy long walks, reading, and serving in their local church together. 

Tiea Hanson

Tiea Hanson (pronounced “Tia”) has been leading and facilitating in-depth Christian ministry forums for nearly a decade. Well-versed in one-on-one, interpersonal counseling and small-group environments, she operates from a strong Biblical base informed by the social sciences. The product of a broken home, Tiea was adopted as a child, and overcame significant obstacles in life to arrive at a point of personal healing through faith and sensible decision-making. A devoted mother of two adopted daughters, and wife to a long-serving church Elder, she is steeped in Biblical truth, while having honed strong skills in practical theology. Tiea has the gift of promoting healthy communication, and has a particular passion for counseling women, both as individuals and within a committed relationship. She well understands that while modern life places great demands on a woman’s identity, there is great strength and dignity in womanhood. Tiea is currently pursuing advanced certification in mediation from the Institute for Christian Conciliation. She has resided in Seattle for over thirty years, with strong roots in the local community. She enjoys reading, traveling to wine country, and helping others to heal, grow, and mature in their pursuit of peace.

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