Conflict mediation is an hourly or full-day service offered by one or two conciliators to two or more people in conflict.

Conflict mediation focuses on reconciliation of past hurts and offenses in order to pursue future restoration of relationships, which involves rebuilding trust, respect, communication, and closeness.

The conciliator(s) will lead the parties through a five-step process that has proven very effective in helping parties reconcile and restore relationships.

The acronym “O-A-S-I-S” helps parties remember the five simple steps:
O – Open the Process
The conciliators will begin with “Introductions,” review the “Ground Rules,” and invite each party to read their prepared “Vision Statement.”

A – Attend to Scripture and Prayer
The conciliators will encourage the parties to reflect on a passage of Scripture that speaks directly to their concerns. After considering these important principles, the conciliators will lead a short prayer.

S – Story-telling and Story-listening
Each party will tell their story as if they were the first to tell it. During round one of story-telling, other parties will not be permitted to provide “commentary.” Additional rounds of story-telling become more “conversational” as parties create their shared story.

I – Identify and Address Issues
During the story-telling phase, parties and conciliators listen carefully and record a list of issues to work through. This phase addresses each concern.

S – Summarize the Conversation
The conciliators draft a summary that details the agreements reached as well as other important conversations that occurred. All parties work together to review, revise, and approve the summary. Each party receives a copy.
A Care Team is often carefully selected to come alongside the individuals in conflict to provide encouragement, accountability, and support. Care Team members are educated, trained, and supported by the Christian conciliators before, during, and after the mediation.

FEES & Expenses

Once a careful assessment is made of the situation, a detailed Fees and Expenses Estimate is provided that itemizes the expected fees and expenses likely to be incurred. Cliff's standard rate for local services is $120/hour and $130/hour for out-of-town services. Additional conciliators are generally billed at $75/hour or less.

A Professional Courtesy Discount is available for individuals in vocational ministry, non-profits, and churches.

In most cases, a retainer is collected up front, and any unused portion of the retainer is refunded after services are rendered. A non-refundable Filing Fee of $200 is required to open a case.

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