As a former teacher, I still derive great joy from being in a room of people who are eager to learn and grow. And knowing that so few people learn how to resolve conflict well growing up, I especially enjoy educating and training people on the principles and practices of peacemaking.

Below are some of the seminars and courses that I offer. But I am also available to create customized seminars and courses to meet your particular learning needs.


Educational seminars are always interactive and engaging, but the emphasis is placed on understanding foundational principles and important concepts.


Training courses also cover important content, but an emphasis is placed on experiential learning that focuses on skill development, so that individuals are equipped to put into practice what they have learned.
Introduction to Peacemaking: a one-day seminar that addresses why conflict happens and unpacks the key components of biblical peacemaking.
How People Change: drawing from How People Change by Paul Tripp and Tim Lane, as well as You Can Change by Tim Chester, this one-day interactive seminar examines a biblical understanding of the heart and the process of progressive sanctification.
Gospel Fluency: drawing from the book of the same name by Jeff Vanderstelt, this one-day interactive seminar considers how to speak the truth in love to ourselves, one another, and others who don’t yet know Jesus.
Understanding Guilt, Shame, and Fear: a 1-2 hour seminar designed to teach the difference between guilt, shame, and fear, and how to respond to each.
Boundaries/Consequences: a 1-2 hour seminar on learning how to create loving, wise, and appropriate boundaries, which are reinforced by loving, wise, and appropriate consequences.
Forming a Small Group: a one-day interactive seminar that considers how to establish core commitments (Gospel, Community, Mission), core identities (Disciple, Family, Missionary), and core practices (Time in the Word, Time Around the Table, Time in a Third Space) when forming a small group.
Conflict Coaching: a two-day course that features role-playing opportunities to equip people to help others resolve conflict. 
Conflict Mediation: a two-day course that features role-playing opportunities to equip peacemakers to use a simple but effective mediation model.
Community Care: a two-day course that draws from a variety of sources, including Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands by Paul Tripp, and is designed to include real-time experiential training to practice active, empathetic listening; asking questions; speaking truth in love; and helping people apply God's truth to their lives. 
Loving, Redemptive Confrontation: a 1-2 hour course on learning to express hurt and confront sin in a way that brings about reconciled relationships.
The Art of Asking Questions: a 1-2 hour course on learning how to ask good questions that deepen relationships.

Fees & Expenses

Once a careful assessment is made of your educational or training goals, a detailed Fees and Expenses Estimate is provided that itemizes the expected fees and expenses likely to be incurred.
Cliff's standard rate for local services is $120/hour and $130/hour for out-of-town services.

In most cases, a retainer is collected up front, and any unused portion of the retainer is refunded.

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