Healthy churches have healthy pastors who are growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ and on the cutting edge of the best biblical and strategic thinking in their particular ministry areas. To help pastors thrive in ministry, find periodic refreshment, and avoid burn-out, it is important for both paid and volunteer pastors to experience extended periods of reflection and renewal.

And yet a survey of 2,000 pastors conducted by Focus on the Family in 2009 found that 85% of those pastors have never taken a sabbatical. Which is shocking and troubling when considering the statistics on "pastor stress," which Bill Gaultiere at SoulShepherding compiled HERE.

If rhythms of rest are not already established, it can be difficult to know if/when a pastor is in need of a sabbatical. The questions below are designed to help assess a pastor's current overall health and determine how urgent the need for a sabbatical might be. This is by no means an exact science, but a tool that can be used in the planning and preparation phases of a sabbatical. 

Sabbatical Assessment

Rate the following areas and provide specific details in the comments section.

Physical Health

Mental Health

Emotional Health

Spiritual Health

Relational Health

Financial Health