Healthy churches have healthy pastors (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically) who are growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ and on the cutting edge of the best biblical and strategic thinking in their particular ministry areas. To help pastors thrive in ministry, find periodic refreshment, and avoid burn-out, it is important for both paid and volunteer pastors to experience extended periods of reflection and renewal.

To ensure the overall effectiveness of a sabbatical, it is important for the pastor pursuing a sabbatical to create a sabbatical plan in writing that identifies various personal needs, any projects the pastor will complete, and any resources the pastor will need to complete their sabbatical plan. This is where a sabbatical coach can be instrumental.

A sabbatical coach can help assess a pastor's need for a sabbatical and then work to create a sabbatical plan and provide coaching during and after the sabbatical. The sabbatical coach can also provide updates to the rest of the pastors during the sabbatical.

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