"I have had the extreme pleasure and privilege of both working with and receiving counsel from Cliff. He is a uniquely gifted and conscientious conciliator, mentor, coach and friend. I highly recommend both the conciliation process, as conducted by Sound Conciliation, as well as Cliff personally."


"I've been a part of this conciliation process and have a few friends who have also gone through it. If you are stuck in conflict (recent or far removed) and want to work towards restoration, I couldn't recommend this process enough. I also deeply trust Cliff Ellis and highly recommend him as well."


"Cliff has an amazing and well-trained ability to listen and ask the questions to clarify and address concerns."


"Cliff is gifted at resolving relational conflict. He has done this for many years as a pastor, and now a conciliator. I recommend him in this role."

Pastor Ryan Faust
Grace Church

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